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Phy 101 Assignment 2 Solution Equation

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Test 1 Wednesday, Feb 8th 7pm, G20 MING HSIEH
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Test 2 Wednesday, Mar 15th 7pm, G20 MING HSIEH
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Test 3 Wednesday, Apr 12th 7pm, G20 MING HSIEH
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Final Exam May 4th, 8pm-11pm, Room B51 White Hall (normal classroom)
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Chapter 8A 3-20
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Chapter 8C Problems 3-24
Chapter 9A 3-27
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Chapter 10A 4-3
Chapter 9&10 Problems 4-5
Chapter 11A 4-7
Chapter 13A 4-10
Test 3 Review 4-12
Chapter 13B 4-17
Chapter 13C 4-19
Chapter 13D Problems 4-21
Chapter 14A 4-24
Final Review 1 4-26
Final Review 2 4-28

Vibrations and Waves MP205, Assignment 8 Solutions1. Satisfy yourself that the following equations can all be used to describe thesame progressive wave asy=Asin(2πλ(x-vt))(a)y=Asin (2π(kx-νt))[10](b)y=Asin(2π±xλ-tT²)[10](c)y=-Asin(ω(t-xv))[10](d)y=AIm{exp[i2π(kx-)]}[10]y=Asin(2πλ(x-vt))This is our base equation, and we need to rewrite the following equations as this equation.(a)y=Asin 2π(kx-)y=Asin (2π(kx-))Using the identites:k=1λν=vλwe can rewrite our equation as:y=Asin (2π(kx-))=Asin³2π³³1λ´x-µvλ¶t´´=Asin³2πλ(x-vt)´= (a)(b)y=Asin 2π[xλ-(t/T)]y=Asin 2π[xλ-(t/T)]Using the identity:T=1νwe can rewrite our equation as:y=Asin 2π[(x/λ)-(t/T)]=Asin 2π[xλ-t1ν!]=Asin 2π[xλ-tν]=Asin³2πλ(x-vt)´= (a)(c)y=-Asinω(t-x/v)y=-Asinω(t-x/v)Using the identity:-sin(x) = sin(-x)ω=2πT= 2πν= 2πvλ

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