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Say No Crackers Essay

Pollution one of the primary causes of diseases and deaths in the world has slowly andnbsp;steadilynbsp;poisoned the environment as well. The health of the environment is now dependent upon us. We cannot afford to ignore the warning signs and continue with anti-environmental activities. If we do not mend our ways it will not just affect the environment but will weaken us as well. It isnbsp;after allnbsp;a symbiotic relationship that we share with the environment.


Diwali the most popular Hindu festival of light has lately come to be associated with fireworks. So much so that people have been blatantly ignoring the environmental hazards associated with it and continued to burst crackers in celebration of the festival.


Fireworks are one of the leading causes that worsen air and noise pollution radically during the festival. The celebration with crackers has made it an injurious threat to human health and the environment in general. These sparklers have taken away the charisma and the soul of this festival.


Let Diwali justifies its meaning that is lsquo;festival of lightsrsquo; that spreads happiness and positivity in everyone’s life. nbsp;And this Diwali let us boycott crackers. Ring in the change and celebrate the festival in a new way where there can still be festivities and joyous feelings sans the use of firecrackers that add to the pollution.


Begin your day by ornamenting your house with lovely fragrant flowers. Marigold jasmine roses orchids and twisted mango leaves can be a good choice.nbsp;nbsp;Beautify your house with attractive paper lanterns mystical hangings traditional bells and colourful rangoli. It is a good way to invite Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi on this auspicious day. Add a different flavour to the festival by dressing up your house with traditional lamps and diyas. It will give a kick to the divine allure.nbsp;


You can also pamper yourself by spending sometime of the day dressing up in traditional attire. Visit your closest friends and relatives in thenbsp;noonnbsp;with gifts that are somewhat rare than usual. Spare sometime prior Diwali thinking and picking such gifts and cape them with your marked styles.


After the Lakshmi poojan in the evening you can substitute fireworks with a live musical evening. You can plan a small closely knit family and friends get together at your place. Bonfire and few games can add spice to the evening. Complement the party with a rich candlelight dinner. It will give a good texture to the festival.


There is much you can do to avoid crackers. Visit an old age home or orphanage to celebrate such occasions with those who donrsquo;t have a family. Also many people cannot afford Diwali celebration. Cut short your crackers expenditure and buy food clothes and gifts for them. Discourage your kids to burn crackers and inculcate these good morals in them. Your initiation in the drive to say no to crackers can also save child labourers engaged in fireworks factory. A sheer thought of accomplishment of these responsibilities towards society gives an immense and long-lasting satisfaction which fireworks can never give.




Let this change start with this Diwali. Celebrate thenbsp;occasionnbsp;with a zest and zeal to make the environment-friendly celebrations a way of life rather than being an option. Inspire others around you by showing them much more fun ways to celebrate Diwali without crackers.


Hey there! (^-^)

As We all know Diwali is just around the corner, the much awaited festival of the year. The Annual festival of diwali is back again with new hopes and aspirations for all of us :)

Diwali is a Major Festival of hindus. It is believed that Lord Rama returned to his kingdom, Ayodhya, after killing the demon, King Ravana, and the people of Ayodhya celebrated the joyous occasion by lighting the houses with earthen diyas. Its a symbol of Victory of good over evil and light over darkness.

The only negative aspect of this festival is crackers ! Now the celebration is mostly about burning fire crackers. Now you will ask what this is like in these firecrackers ?? Because of which we are talking about this today ! So, let us tell you about some of the Important losses as well as negative impacts from the fire crackers

people of India spend thousands of rupees over the fire crackers without realising that this is affecting our environment as well as the health of Individuals.
Report says , Our Country burns more than 600 crore rupees every year on diwali. It is believed that on the day of diwali, pollution of India increases by 50% .By using firecrackers we have lot of fun, but we waste our environment to a great extent.

Doctors say that patients of heart and Sore palms, high blood pressure, Asthma, Diabetes patients become even worse due to pollution of firecrackers. Therefore, this type of patient does not come out of the house at the time of diwali :(

The use of firecrackers is biggest amoung the children and hence, its impact affects the children. Later, these crackers cause many types of infections & diseases.

Firecrackers have a very bad effect on the body but crackers can cause a lot of injury to the body from the outside. Every year, there are many accidents in the country , due to which many people lose their eyes, many people lose their legs and some people lose their lives. Recent studies have shown that Every year, More than 10,000 people gets injured because of firecrackers in India :'(

How good are the sparkles in the hands of children, but do you know there are dangerous toxic substances like Barium, Strontium, Copper and Iron which are very harmful for the body of the children.
Fireworks are made of chemicals, elements,and heavy toxic metals such as copper, cadmium, magnesium, Sodium, Zinc , lead , nitrate and nitrite. All these which keeps the risk of getting cancer. The same chemical matter , after burning crackers, Dangerous gases like nitrogen oxide, Sulphur oxide are found in our environment.

One ,we talk about implementing the Swachh bharat abhiyan and on the other hand, by burning crackers on the other side, furthur contamination of our environment. A lot of thousands of crackers of garbage spread in our country throughout the day of diwali and we blame the cleaning staff of the municipality is this correct ?

Due to fireworks in Diwali, We Indians increases the pollution level at a tremendous rate. All types of pollution are caused due to firecrackers, When we burn firecrackers , it produces Smoke which results in air pollution, After, When the toxic waste of firecrackers is fallen on the ground, Soil pollution Occurs. Noise pollution due to crackling of firecrackers, and the same garbage when thrown in rivers, water pollution spreads.

Pollution from Diwali firecrackers results in some of the metros like Delhi are like this that looks like a fog and cloud in the month of winter.

Last but not the least, the consequences of Firecrackers are not only faced by humans but at the same time, animals and birds too. Animals like Dogs and cats have a more sensitive sence of hearing than humans. In Diwali, Firecrackers produces sounds, which are much higher in decibels and are unbearable for the animals. Which may cause hearing loss.

As a responsible citizen of our nation, we need to rethink on what we are doing !

Let us pledge for an eco-friendly and ailment-free diwali. the festival of deepawali can also be celebrated without fireworks. Just need strong determination and right thinking. Can not all of us celebrate a clean healthy diwali with our friends and family members ? So, let us re-establish the essence of diwali by being sensitive towards the environment. Celebrate this diwali with earthern lamps, Lights Sweets and togetherness.by opting environmentally friendly ways to celebrate Diwali which not only helps in illuminating your life but that of others as well. Its time to go green this diwali :)

This year let us not burn these expensive crackers. This Diwali, let us spread the joy and celebrations to under-priviledged by donating clothes, Sweets ,Books and sponsoring a lavish meal.

Hope this time you are out of happiness without the help of Diwali firecrackers !

Wishing You a Happy and Green Diwali :) Cheers!

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