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Video Sales Letter Case Study Facebook Marketing Cashmapapp

Working in tandem with agency Promodo, Citrus came up with a striking video campaign to help sell new Meizu smartphones. Video ads were the ideal way for Citrus to showcase the features, functionality and sleek design of its new stock. Whether in mobile or desktop News Feed, video ads allow businesses to tell the story of their products quickly, efficiently and in a way that captures an audience’s attention.

To make the Citrus campaign as effective as possible, and to make sure that the right people were seeing the ads, Promodo turned to Facebook’s targeting tools. Starting with a Custom Audience—which is built by uploading an existing customer list or database into Facebook—Citrus was able to target the ads to people who already had a demonstrated interest in the brand. This was key in pushing for increased sales.

Facebook’s core audience targeting also allowed Promodo and Citrus to concentrate their efforts on audiences with particular interests (such as “technology” or “smartphones”), as well as people who had visited the company site via their smartphone, Android or iOS device.

Favi used captivating ad creative to drive traffic to its website and boost sales. Though it used multiple Facebook ad formats, video and carousel ads were the most successful. Video proved to be the perfect way to introduce the brand and its premise quickly and succinctly, while carousel ads—which can display up to 10 different product images or videos in one place—showcased Favi’s wide range of furnishing and design accessories.

To reach as many people in the Czech Republic as possible, Favi used Facebook’s precise targeting tools, including Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences. Custom Audiences are built from existing company databases, such as email or newsletter lists, while Lookalike Audiences are entirely new audiences made up of people who share similarities and interests with that core audience.

By also adding dynamic ads to the mix—which display items from your product catalogue to people who have already expressed interest in your brand—Favi made sure it was advertising the right products to the right people: a wide audience of both established and prospective customers.

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