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We Assignment

Going through your photos has been so enjoyable thus far and I’ve loved exploring the world through your images and lenses.

As I was developing this assignment, I thought a lot about my childhood. Growing up with geologist parents made for interesting trips and conversations. They encouraged me to pick up rocks, study animal tracks and climb up to the top of hills to get a better viewpoint. It soon happened that the curiosity about the world around me became a tool when I eventually became a photographer. This inquisitiveness and inspiration about the way life works is, to me, the heart of exploration photography.

The photos that have stood out from this assignment so far are the ones that ring true to the fun and curiosity of exploring as a kid. They open doors into worlds that you never imagined and leave you with a sense of awe. You all have submitted images with interesting angles and scenes that have allowed the viewer to feel like a witness to the scene.

Please continue to keep this fun in mind as you all submit images. Remember the rule of thirds and don’t be afraid to shoot into the sun. Lastly, the captions are just as much a part of the image as the content itself, so try to take time to write a detailed or thoughtful story or description.

Again, great work; I look forward to seeing your images — good luck!

Becca Skinner
Nat Geo Explorer


If you want to make changes to a peer reviewed assignment after you submit it, you can edit and resubmit your assignment. You should only resubmit a peer reviewed assignment before the suggested deadline.

If you don't pass a peer-reviewed assignment:

  • You can re-submit the assignment to be graded again
  • If the deadline has passed, you may need to ask for more reviews on the forums
  • If you've already completed peer reviews for other people's assignments, you won't need to do them again

What happens when you resubmit a peer reviewed assignment

When you resubmit a peer reviewed assignment, peer reviews and grades for your first submission will be deleted.

If you resubmit after the deadline, you might not get feedback from your peers, and your assignment will be marked incomplete.

To edit and resubmit a peer reviewed assignment:

  1. Open the course you want to resubmit an assignment in.
  2. Click the Grades tab.
  3. Open the assignment you want to resubmit.
  4. Click Edit submission at the bottom of the submission page.
  5. If you have already gotten feedback, you'll need to confirm your choice to edit your project. Editing the assignment will delete any reviews you've already gotten.
  6. Make your changes, then click Preview to see the changes.
  7. Click Submit for review to resubmit your edited project.

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