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Chfd 212 Parent Awareness Workshop Assignment

Infant and Toddler Parent Awareness Workshop Day 1 8:00 A.M. Introductions. Ask each participant to say their name, the name and age of their child(ren) and tell a short but funny story about one of their children. The goal of this activity is to make sure all of the participants feel at ease and comfortable. I will give a handout with a breakdown of the schedule so they know what to expect. Having a schedule isn’t important for children only. Anyone likes to know what their day will look like beforehand, if possible. I think it’s important to start workshops off with an ice breaker so the participants are comfortable with each other. It’s important that they feel like the environment is open so if they have a question they can feel free to ask. 9:00 A.M. Choking Hazards. I will have a group of objects on the table and the participants will have to separate them into two groups: hazardous or not hazardous. I think some of the answers, such as a matchbox car with tiny wheels, will surprise them. After they have separated the objects I will give them choke tubes to test their guesses with. To educate the participants on the importance of knowing how small is too small. What size does a toy have to be to really be a choking hazard? Objects that are both toddler safe and not toddler safe and choke tubes. Also a hand-out on child safety statistics. Sometimes putting a percentage on a threat really helps a parent visualize the depth of the problem. It’s important for parents to take a proactive role in the safety of their children. Getting all of the unsafe toys either out of the house or put away is a great start. (Kidshealth.org, 2014) 9:45-10:00: BREAK 10:00 AM: How to Prepare For the Worst: The Heimlich and CPR. To teach the participants how to revive their children in case they choke or are unresponsive. A BLS (Basic Life Support) instructor will come in and the participants will learn how to do the Heimlich and CPR on a dummy.

Parent Awareness Workshop 2 Day 1 8:00 A.M - 8:15 AM: Welcome session discussing what we will be learning about today. what will participants be learning Learning goals: To learn the material and activities that will be gone over in today’s lessons. Welcome handout/table of contents and a slide show/PowerPoint. what will be included on the power point I chose this activity to get allow the parents to know what they will be learning and doing in the days lessons. 8:15 A.M – 9:45 AM: DVD on toddler behaviors and a behavior worksheet. what will the worksheet include, what type of behaviors are you a ddressing Learning Goals: For parents to learn how to respond to certain toddler behavior. need more detail on the content Time with Toddlers: Training for Caregivers DVD. Is this a specific DVD? What is the full information about this DVD I chose this activity because the DVD includes numerous examples of typical toddler behaviors and shows caregivers planning for and responding to them, communicating trust, and respect. As noted in the guidelines, single sent ences are not sufficient for this assignment. Information must be provided in depth and detail. 9:45 A.M – 10:00 AM: 15 minute break 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM: Interactive study on toddler behavior an parents interactions. What does this mean? How will this session be conducted? What is the content that will be presented? Learning Goals: To see how the parents would react to certain toddler behavior and show them how they should react. Set up different stations in the classroom that has different toddler behaviors (adults could be used as the toddler). Let the parents go to each station and react to the situation at hand and then provide feedback and helpful advice. What are some of the behaviors that will be at the stations? I chose this activity to show parents a fun way of learning and interacting with toddlers. Focus on the content. Why is it important for parents to understand about toddler behavior? 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM: One hour lunch break 12:30 PM – 12:45 PM: Group discussion about what has been learned so far. Learning goals: To see how much information the parents are taking in. Slide show and questions about the above topic. What will the slide show be on? I chose this activity to see how much the parents are learning. 12:45 PM – 2:15 PM:

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