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La Charity Prioritization Delegation And Assignment By La

Greetings, to my fellow classmates and nursing students.... You can and will pass the NCLEX exam, I promise... here are my secrets to my success-

I won a free Kaplan test prep course but landed up deciding in the second day that it simply was not for me or my learning style and so I bailed! My RN school paid the Hurst to come to our school for three days literally the day after graduation; December 15, 2015 and sit in class for 8 hours but at that point I was so fried, my mind was definitely not focused on school, nor did I even care! For me; I just needed to have a stress free holiday, detox, unwind, and attempt to recapture the meaning of “fun” once again. And so that’s exactly what I did; allowed myself to have some guilt free time off!
Fast forward…- I landed up registering for the February 17, 2016 test in Pasadena. I had several months off and was ready to go back into school mode. I gave myself exactly three weeks to study. Literally I put my life (AKA: motherhood, job, and social life) on hold and became a robot with study block sessions 8:00-noon (gym, lunch) 2:00-6:00pm and review 9:00-10:00pm….
Let me remind you… you have graduated from nursing school, you have won 2/3 of the battle already! If you are like me, a student that has to work exceptionally hard at achieving success then you already have the secret weapon. Your stamina and drive will propel you to do well. After much research and trial and error, I realized that “UWORLD” (1900 questions) and the NCSBN site was by far the best test prep. The only other book I used was Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment by Linda A. LaCharity and only got through page 70. In addition; I organized all my notes by body systems and let me tell you; I wrote a plethora of notes!!

To make a long story short… I passed with 75 questions and received my results two days later. Honestly; I felt that the test was easy, yes I actually said it; EASY!! UWORLD was by far my favorite site and the most in depth with content knowledge and review. I walked out of the exam feeling elated and free as I knew I had passed. - It was the best crash course I have ever taken and now clearly understand the language of Nursing. In addition, I feel more empowered to conquer my new found career with the knowledge I have recaptured and my understanding of the various disease states in dept.

I believe in all of you, you can do this! Good luck future RN’s of America! My prayers are with you on test day!

The only NCLEX review book on the market with a focus on prioritization, delegation, and patient assignment — just like the current NCLEX Examination itself! Using a unique simple-to-complex approach, Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment: Practice Exercises for the NCLEX® Examination, 3rd Editionestablishes your foundational knowledge in management of care, then provides exercises of increasing difficulty to help you build confidence in your prioritization, delegation, and patient assignment skills.

 "..certainly a great resource for use in any healthcare setting." Reviewed by Anne Duell on behalf of Nursing Times, September 2015

  • UNIQUE! Emphasis on the NCLEX Examination's management-of-care focus
  • addresses the heavy emphasis on prioritization, delegation, and patient assignment in the current NCLEX Examination (17–23% of the 2013 NCLEX-RN Exam).
  • UNIQUE! Three-part organization establishes foundational knowledge and then provides exercises of increasing difficulty to help you build confidence in your prioritization, delegation, and patient assignment skills.
  • Answer key at the back of the book offers a detailed rationale and an indication of the focus of the question to encourage formative assessment.
  • Introduction chapter by delegation expert Ruth Hansten provides guidelines for prioritization, delegation, and patient assignment decisions as well as a concise, practical foundation on which Parts 2 and 3 build.
  • Part 2: Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment in Common Health Scenarios give you practice in applying the principles from Part 1 with straightforward NCLEX-style multiple-choice, multiple-select, ordering, and short-answer questions to help you develop and build confidence in prioritization, delegation, and patient assignment skills while working within the confines of relatively simple health scenarios.
  • Part 3: Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment in Complex Health Scenarios utilizes unfolding cases that build on the skills learned in Part 2 to equip you to make sound decisions in realistic, complex health scenarios involving complicated health problems and/or challenging patient assignment decisions and help you learn to "think like nurses" by developing what Benner (2010) calls "clinical imagination."
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