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Memorising Essays Tips

Shhh… don’t let anyone else see this information, it’s as lethal as poison! Today I am going to reveal 10 Methods the pro’s use in order to memorize anything. Here is how to do it…
Iurge you to close the door, turn off your cellphone and listen attentively. The following list contains ten proven techniques to memorize information, ready? O.K, here we go:

1. Don’t Let Yourself Be Disturbed

I used this technique in the beginning of this article ie. “close the door, turn off…”
You can’t memorize something if your mind is directed towards something else, concentration is essential!

2. Learn Mnemonics

Mnemonics is a type of memory aid that basically helps a person memorize data. The more information that needs to be remembered, the more complex the mnemonic becomes. The most common type of mnemonics in school are those that rhyme…

3. Thirty days hath September…

Rhyme mnemonics are often used in school, why? Because they work! It’s an excellent way of remember lists (like all the months) but it can be used in other ways as well. In fourteen hundred ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue is a famous rhyme mnemonic used in schools, so start rhyming and less whining! (I am so lame BTW)

4. Form A Silly Sentence

What’s a silly sentence you ask? To clarify this, let us say we would want to memorize 3 Swedish Cities (starting from the biggest); Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. The initiating letters are SGM and a possible silly sentence could be:

Simon Greeted Me

5. Abbreviations Make Life Easier

Don’t you agree? We love to say UN, US etc. instead of The United Nations, The United States Of America (what made you chose such a long word, makes it hard on us foreigners by the way…). Here is an excellent article, written by an expert on the subject (O.K I surrender… it’s actually my own article): How To Use Abbreviations.

6. Do It Like The Talk Show Hosts

All TV-show hosts use small flashcards to help them remember the content of the show, this is proven method to bring back memories swiftly. I recommend you use a small software called Cue Card, there’s a free version hosted right here on the site.
Click Here To Download >>

7. Gimmicks = Bad?

For some odd reason, this word seems to radiate negative emotions, probably because gimmicks are used so extensivley in advertisements. Anyhow, the use of word games or tricks can help you process information. Try it and buy it!

8. Mind Maps – Find Your Thoughts

I’m a huge fan of mind mapping, and I recommend you to use mind maps as often as possible. I’ve already covered how mind mapping is done so I won’t go into that again. Here’s a free mind mapping software by the way, hope you enjoy it!

9. Association – The Biggest Secret

It’s really a shame that I didn’t put this in the beginning of the article, I’m sorry I forgot. Associatin is basically the art of linking a piece of information to something else. What’s the first thing that hits your mind when I say the word SUMMER?

Did you think about heat, ice cream, vacation, swimming or anything related to those activities? We think about heat because we relate this word to the term summer, it comes naturally without any real effort.

This is perhaps the biggest memory secret around, learn how to associate the information you want to remember with some piece of information that you won’t forget. It works like a charm, I promise!

10. Always Explore New Methods

What better place to do that than right here! I’ve written a comprehensive Study Guide which covers this matter (How To Memorize Fast), but if you are not interested (which you should be… ^^) you can always Subscribe To This Blog. It’s free and takes only a couple of seconds (that is to say, if you still remember to do it!).

Did you like this article or despise it? Let us know what you feel by commenting. Stumbleupon users can stumble this post it if they’d like, have a nice summer guys!

Firstly you need to have a clear mind,
- you can meditate or pray

Its going to take some time to memorise a 1000 word essay, in my case 1200.
So be ready to not go out and procrastinate but stay in a unfamiliar room(in my case in my older sister's room when she went overseas) and on a chair and your back straight up and put your essay hard copy and slant in on an angle so you can read without holding it or just hold it with your hands if you become ceebs.

Ok first of all read out loud, don't memorise the essay fully in one go but by paragraph by paragraph and sentence by sentence until you memorised all of your essay

Then finalise it by reading out loud 2 paragraphs together 3, 4... so on

Then its basically memories, read it out LOUD , helps you memorise better, scientifically proven.

Took me atleast 3-4 hours for 1 essay sometimes 2

BTW don't try memorising in the library, too many distractions, be by yourself,

study by yourself, be a loner... don't get a girl friend, don't think of a girl that you had a crush on for 2 years lol

ok well thats what i did 2011 HSC'er 90/100 for english adv

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