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An Essay Typer Tumblr

hey everyone! so, after creating a studyblr, i have found so many essay writing resources and since writing (whether or not it’s for academic purposes) is something i and several others struggle with on a daily basis, i decided to put together a bunch of excellent resources in this little masterpost. hope you enjoy (bc writing can be very fun when you feel like you actually know what you’re doing) and hope this helps!


+ where do i start?

+ how do i connect my ideas?

+ different types of essays

+ tips and advice



+ where do i start?

+ tips and advice


+ tips and advice [for writing in general]

+ resources for research

+ grammar/vocab/spelling essentials

+ revising and editing

+ citations

+ fun stuff

+ my other masterposts

this entire list includes some of the best writing resources (imo) but feel free to message me in case 1) any of the links are broken, 2) u want me to add on to something, 3) u have a suggestion for a masterpost [i would love that so go ahead and ask if u do] or if u just wanna talk! also, feel free to reblog and add ur own comments/resources. hope this helped someone!!! 

Hey fellow students! There was a request for an AP English Literature & Composition masterpost, so here you are! :) It’s important to keep in mind that each classroom may read different literature, so if you see unfamiliar texts on here, don’t panic! 

If there’s anything that you think should be on here, send me a link through my main blog here & I’ll add it. :) Additionally, if there’s another class you’d like to see a masterpost for, let me know! Other posts I’ve done are for AP Biology, AP Psychology, AP US Government and Politics, and AP Art History.

I ended up with a 5 on the exam using these resources to study! If you have any questions about the exam or on how AP scores transfer to college credit, feel free to ask!

AP Literature Tumblr Blogs:



About the Essays:

AP Literature Essay Tips and Reminders

Developing Your “Tone Word” Vocabulary & Essay Tips

An Exam Reader’s Advice on Writing

How to “Chart” Essays

EssayTyper (NOTE: Be careful of plagiarism! It’s NOT a good idea to copy down what this website types for you. Instead, it can be a good springboard for coming up with your own argument when you’re given a broad topic)

College Board’s Released FRQ’s (2003-2015)

AP Literature Prose Essay Prompts (1970–2015)

AP Literature Poetry Essay Prompts (with poems) (1970-2015)

AP Literature Open-ended Prompts (1970-2015)

Note: for class essays, Hemingway is a great resource. This online text editor screens your writing for reading level, adverbs, passive voice, and more! It’s not a be-all, end-all editing source, and I don’t always agree with it, but it’s GREAT to check for things like passive voice so you can strengthen your writing.

Other Resources:

AP Lit/Comp Key Terms Quizlet Set

AP Lit/Comp Terms List (INCREDIBLY comprehensive- this is pdf form rather than a Quizlet set)

AP English Literature & Composition Course Description

Recommended Reading for AP Literature & Composition (The long essays will suggest literature to reference, but you can also write about a work of “equal literary merit.” Pick from this list! It also shows how many times each has appeared on the exam)

Learnerator AP Lit Practice Problems

College Countdown AP English Literature and Composition Practice Exam (this goes through the reasoning behind the correct answers!)

College Board’s Released AP Literature Exams (1987 & 1999)

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