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Pre Ap Chemistry Homework 10b21

Pre-AP Chemistry


Instructor:      Mrs. Nunnelee

Room:             JMASC Room 215

Phone:            918-299-4415 ext. 3215 

e-mail:             torry.nunnelee@jenksps.org (school)

nunnelee2@hotmail.com  (home)

Textbook:       Chemistry, by Zumdahl, 9th ed., Cengage, 2014.  ISBN-13  978-1-133-61110-3.

Course Description:  This first-year chemistry course provides an introduction to many chemistry concepts including the structure of matter, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, equilibrium, acids and bases, and electrochemistry just to name a few.  To cover this broad range of topics, the Pre-AP course moves at a faster pace than a regular Chemistry class.  In addition to class work, students will conduct laboratory exercises and do research when necessary.

Materials Needed: 

Laboratory Notebook (bound, numbered, and carbon copied)

Scientific Calculator (must have LOG key)

3-ring binder

Notebook paper                                                                  

No. 2 lead pencil

Pen (black or blue ink only)

Goggles - must be splash-proof and not have any open holes.


Grades:Grades will be based on percentages:

                        30% Exams

                        15% Final

                        15% Labs

                        25% Homework

                        15% Quizzes

Grading scale: 90-100% A, 80-89% B, 70-79% C, 60-69% D, 0-59% F

Classroom Rules: (or the top 10 ways to make Mrs. Nunnelee happy)

  1. Be prepared! Bring materials to class. You should bring your text daily, along with your calculator and materials to take notes.
  2. If you are going to be/have been absent, it is YOUR responsibility to see me about a make-up assignment. Please do this at the end of the class period. For homework and quizzes, you have as many days to turn in the assignment as you were absent. For tests and labs, there may be outside class time required to make-up missed activities. Extended absences (over 1 week) will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Do your homework - the only way to succeed is to practice! Class time is for working, not playing. Chemistry assignments come first in this classroom. Wasting time (playing cards, etc.) will not be tolerated.
  4. Show respect. Be kind and considerate towards others. This includes not talking while others are talking.  (Raise your hand if you have a question and I will call on you.)  Respect the classroom and lab by treating books and lab equipment carefully, gently, and with caution.  Only use lab equipment that you have been instructed on how to operate.
  5. Make good use of your time. This includes staying in your seat, with your work out, until the bell rings.
  6. While attendance is taken, get your materials ready to begin work. Be ready to start as soon as I am finished! You are considered tardy if you enter the doorway after the bell sounds.
  7. Follow all instructions, especially in the laboratory. Dress appropriately for lab.
  8. All school rules, including the tardy policy, will be enforced. (See student handbook.)
  9. Please do not leave the room unless it is absolutely necessary. You MUST have a hall pass.
  10. Always do your own, absolute best work. Cheating and plagiarism will result in a zero grade.

First day signatures!

Acid Base Equilibria Daily Homework

Wed Feb 14th:

Video from today

Atomic Structure NMSI Reading (read and heavily outline page 1-16 - write notes, comments, NOT just highlight)

Thursday Feb 15th:

Video from today

Go to Unit 10 Docs, Open Atomic Structure Notes PDF and take notes on the 1st 6 PDF pages (we will review quickly and do examples tomorrow in class)

Friday Feb 16th:

Complete the 'procedure questions' for Bohr Model lab from today (thru #7)

Complete the copied textbook questions #39, 40, 45, 52, 55

Video from today

 The link for ordering AP exams (Google Doc) is:  https://tinyurl.com/cmhsAP2018


Monday Feb 19th:

Begin crafting Trends Foldable/Booklet (instructions in back of packet)

Read and annotate NSMI Page 17-23

Tuesday Feb 20th:

Classwork - AP Chem Periodic Trends Webquest

Work on Foldable/Booklet... You can use this as a resource for booklet https://goo.gl/hCp839

Wednes Feb 21st:

Begin FRQs 1982 and 1987 (due tmr) ... 90, 94, 77 due Monday

*Make sure Bohr Lab gets in the box soon, Share PToE Trends Webquest with Enlow so she can give you a lab grade

*Enlow will want to see Foldable finished by Friday (PROJECT Grade!!)

Video from today

Bring tech tomorrow for online simulation stuff

Thursday Feb 22nd:

Finish Classwork (PES Stuff drawing POGIL)

Finish Trends FRQs 90, 94, 77 due Monday

Turn in Bohr lab!!

Video from today

Friday Feb 23rd: 

Finish minimum Multiple Choice Practice - #1-50 MC (we will finish thru #90 in class Mon)

Finish Trends FRQs 90, 94, 77 due Monday

Video from today 



Monday Feb 26th:

NSMI Bonding Reading & Outline (actually must write some of this out or use sticky notes to annotate - NOT ONlY HIGHLIGHT!) due completely on Wed.

Atomic Structure FRQs to grade


Tuesday Feb 27th:

In class

- Finish NMSI Reading and annotations

- Complete two tutorials and jot down notes about concepts


Wednesaday Feb 28th:


Complete Lewis Dot drawings on your Reading Guide 2 (in packet)

TB page # 418 # 43, 45, 55, 65, 79, 80

Review Molecular Geometry, Molecular Polarity, and Bond Angles

Video from today 


Thursday March 1:

Classwork Link -Complete TB HW from yesterday

Complete on lab sheet  as much as you can from the following (# ve-, lewis dot st, molecular geometry, electron group geometry,bond angles, molecular polarity, 3D sketch)

Video from today


Friday March 2:

Finish Lab

Video from today





OPTIONAL (FOR NOW) TB pg 475 # 35, 51


Week of March 5th:

Monday Mar 5th:

CLASSWORK - IMF JigSaw - create a short presentation, be ready to SHARE as an expert.

Student Presentations (use as reference for tomorrow)

Dipole - Dipole 

Ion - Dipole

Hydrogen Bonding Forces

Induced - Dipole Forces 

London Dispersion Forces


Tuesday March 6th (see sub plans and HW listed below):

STEP 1: NMSI Covalent Bonding Orbital Reading Guide (pages 1-11) needs to be turned into the box.

STEP 2: This should take no more than 15-20 mins

  • Students will complete a review activity about intermolecular forces using a powerpoint from my website and a review worksheet.
  • Student worksheet has been printed for students, please make sure you pass these out first thing!
  • Tell students to Fill out IMF Worksheet from PPT Notes
    • This is linked under Homework - IMF Review PPT
    • Tell students to play the PPT in presentation mode because it’s animated

STEP 3: Lecture: Hybrid Orbitals (AO) – 40-50 mins

  • Watch ALL Video on Edpuzzle- Atomic Orbital Theory Notes

STEP 4:Atomic Orbital and Molecular Modeling Simulations (part 3.1 only) - 20 mins

Homework: Study for quiz on molecular models/shapes/bond angles/polarity, Complete Part 3.1 from the Atomic Orbital and Molecular Modeling Simulations from above.


Wednesday March 7th:

Finish MO theory from Edpuzzle-Molecular Orbtial Theory Video

For those still struggling with molecular polarity - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_wFi8dSm_U

If absent today (sorry, I didn't start video!) we reviewed Atomic Orbital Theory, took at quiz, and began Part 4 of the simulation (linked from Tuesday night) - we only did 3 molecules though


Thursday March 8th:

Finish about 75% of MC

 Video from today


Friday March 9th:

Week of March 12th:

Monday March 12th:

Collaborate with What’s in that Bottle Lab Teacher Directed Component

Share student directed procedure with Enlow

Video from today

Neat way to practice geometry! https://www.sporcle.com/games/tmonnot313/covalent-bonding-orbitals

All FRQs due on Thursday


Tuesday March 13th:

No School!


Wednesday March 14th:

Finish Flow chart of What’s in that bottle lab and share with me on google (pic)

Finish FRQs in packet 


Thursday March 15th:

Unit Reviews from Bonding and Atomic Structure (first packet)


Friday March 16th:

Watch and take notes on video for reading guide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zY5TZrI3yP4

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