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Bibliography Source File Word 2010

Are you a fan of Word’s reference tool? If you don’t know what I’m referring to then you are missing out on one of the easiest and quickest ways to generate citations that meet APA and MLA formatting standards. So back to those of you that use this awesome tool, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to share your citations with friends or to transfer those citations to a second computer? Word stores the citations or references you create using the Source Manager to an XML file that is located in the App Data folder within your Windows 7 profile. The guide below will show you how to locate these files so that you can copy them to another computer and how to load the .xml file to your Word installation.

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Note: I used Word 2010 on Windows 7 Ultimate for this tutorial.

Locate the Sources File in Windows 7

1. Click on the Windows Orb to open the Start Menu and type the following into the [2] Search box:


Replace [user-name] with your Windows user name.

3. Click on the Bibliography folder that appears in the Search Results.

4. The Bibliography folder will open containing the Sources.xml file that you can copy to another computer.

Import References in Word 2007/2010

The following will show you how to import the references your brought from another computer to the Source Manager in Word 2007 and Word 2010.

1. With Word open, click on the References tab in the Word Ribbon.

2. Click on the Manage Sources button in the Citations & Bibliography group.

3. When the Source Manager window opens, click on the Browse button.

4. You will automatically be taken to the Bibliography folder, select the .xml file you copied from another computer and click [5] Open.

The sources will now be available in Word.

Gilberto J Perera


Gilbert is a Microsoft MVP, a full-time blogger, and technology aficionado. When Gilbert is away from his bike and his iPad, he's busy writing technology how-to's from his home-office in Miami, Florida on the latest programs and gadgets he can get his hands on. He's locally known as "the computer guy" and has spent the last 12 years helping family, friends, and GilsMethod.com visitors with their computer questions and problems. He was awarded the 2009 MVP award from Microsoft for his contributions in forums and blogs and is enjoying the new addition to his family.

To insert a bibliography using the Bibliography tool, you must first enter references and sources, which can be done simultaneously.


Step 1:

Open your document in Microsoft Word 2010 and click on the References tab.



Step 2:

Place your cursor where you would like the citation inserted. Select your style of references in the Style menu, shown in the screenshot below.



Step 3:
In the screenshot below, APA Fifth Edition is shown in the Style menu. Click on the Insert Citation button to produce the drop-down menu shown below, and select Add New Source.



Step 4:
A Create Source window will appear. Choose the source type from the drop-down menu.



Step 5:
Enter the source information in the fields provided and click OK.



Step 6:
In the screenshot below, note that a reference has been entered. Follow Steps 2–5 to insert your remaining references.



Step 7:
Once you have entered all references and sources, place your cursor at the end of your document. The bibliography will be inserted wherever you place the cursor.


Click on the Bibliography button, shown below, and select either Bibliography or Works Cited.



Step 8:
To update the bibliography after entering new sources, click anywhere on the bibliography table. Click on Update Citations and Bibliography.



In the screenshot below, notice that a bibliography has been inserted into the document.


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