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Science And Technology In Essay

As the chairman of the Department of Anatomy, University of Chicago, Shubin insists for us to trust that his discoveries are credible. In the third chapter of Your Inner Fish, he claims to have found genetic evidence for similarities between humankind and the animal kingdom. He links his archaeological discoveries with the development of limbs in human beings, and subsequently with DNA and genes, the work of the retinoic fluid and ZPA. Indeed, it is believable. Even the believers of God who have blatantly rejected the theory of evolution may refuse to reject the fact that all living beings on earth are related, somehow or the other. After all, we also consume animals in our daily diets. What is more, the discoveries of Shubin related in the third chapter of Your Inner Fish open for scientists a new world as far as medical science and the science of genetics are concerned. Perhaps human beings would be able to treat their deformed limbs with the genes of creatures from the animal world in the near future. Everything is possible in the mind of a scientist, just as God does not deny the fact that everything is possible if we believe Him.

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A very good morning and One Malaysia greetings to the principal of Sultan Ismail Secondary School, Johor Bahru, Madam Hajah Halimah Binti Ali, Senior Assistant of Administration, Madam Hajah Nor Aisah Binti Ramlan, Senior Assistant of Student Affairs, Mr. Ahmad Shakir Bin Jaafar, Senior Assistant of Cocuriculum, Mr. Rosle Bin Baharom, Form 6 Supervisor, Madam Khalthom Binti Ahmad, Head of the Language Department, Ms. Sheela Sher Habib, Head of the Science and Mathematics Department, Madam Hanizah Binti Mahfoz, Head of the Technical and Vocational Department, Mr. Beh Chye Pin, Head of the Social Science Department, Madam Yang Chee Wah, senior teachers, excellent, beloved, caring, loving, dedicated and committed teachers, prefects, class…show more content…

I guess now I have cleared your doubts. Science and technology plays an extremely essential and important role in our lives. By the way, do you realize that our lives today are thousand times even better and comfortable compared to the lives that our great grandparents had to endure in the past. It is all because of the fast growing field which is science and technology. This is all because of the great scientist, inventors and engineers who made great contributions. For example, Sir Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton and many other people. It can be said that technology has improved our lives in many ways. Firstly, it is all because of technology, today machines can perform hard and difficult work or task. For instance, in many factories and companies, difficult task that requires about more than ten men to do it, could be completed successfully and accurately by a single machine. This proves that these machines will save time since time is extremely precious even compared to gold, silver, diamond, platinum, or evens a gemstone. This is the reason why there is a saying that goes, time is gold and time waits for no man. At the same time, these machines will also help to produce a lot of products in just a short while. Besides, the company do not have to employ a plenty number of workers and pay them a huge sum which will burn a hole

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