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Research Papers About 4g

  • 1.

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  • 2.

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  • 3.

    Liu, X., et al.: Explain the Modeling and Simulation of Communication Systems with MATLAB/Simulink in detail (July 2012)Google Scholar

  • 4.

    The Book of Visions 2000 Visions of a Wireless World, vol. 1.0 (2000) Available: IST Wireless Strategic Initiative Google Scholar

  • 5.

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  • 6.

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  • 7.

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  • 8.

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  • 9.

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  • 10.

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  • 11.

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  • 12.

    IEEE Communications Mag. Special Issue on Software Radio 37(2), 82 –112 (1999) Google Scholar

  • 13.

    IEEE Commun. Mag. Feature Topic on Design Methodologies for Adaptive and Multimedia Networks 39(11), 106–148 (2001) Google Scholar

  • 14.

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  • 15.

    Castellanos, C.: Performance of Uplink Fractional Power Control in UTRAN LTE. In: VTC Spring, pp. 2517 -2521 (2008)Google Scholar

  • 16.

    Pischella, P., Belfiore, J.C.: Power Control in Distributed Cooperative OFDMA Cellular Networks. IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun. 7(5), 1900–1905 (2008)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 17.

    Uplink Power Control with Fractional Frequency Reuse for EUTRA (2007)Google Scholar

  • 18.

    Radio Performance Evaluation Phase 2 Report (2008)Google Scholar

  • 19.

    Elayoubi, S.-E., Haddada, O.B., Fourestie, B.: Performance Evaluation of Frequency Planning Schemes in OFDMA-based Networks. IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun. 7(5), 1623–1633 (2008)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 20.

    Simonsson, A.: Frequency Reuse and Intercell Interference Co-ordination in E-UTRA. In: VTC Spring, pp. 3091–3095 (2007)Google Scholar

  • 21.

    Svedman, P.: Opportunistic Beamforming and Scheduling for OFDMA Systems. IEEE Trans. Commun. 55(5), 941–952 (2007)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 22.

    Hu, H.: Radio Resource Management for Cooperative Wireless Communication Systems with Organized Beam-Hopping Techniques. IEEE Wireless Commun. 15(2), 100–109 (2008)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 23.

    Barbero, L.G., Thompson, J.S.: Performance of the Complex Sphere Decoder in Spatially Correlated MIMO Channels. IET Commun., 112 -130 (2007)Google Scholar

  • 24.

    Choi, W., Andrews, J.: The Capacity Gain from Base Station Cooperative Scheduling in a MIMO DPC Cellular System. In: ISIT 2006, pp. 1224–1228 (2006)Google Scholar

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