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Hrm 300 Week 2 Individual Assignment Text

LDR/300 Week 4

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Learning Team: Formulating Leadership Part II

PowerPoint Presentation #1: 17 Slides with Speaker Notes

PowerPoint Presentation #2: 14 Slides with Speaker Notes

PowerPoint Presentation #3:   6 Slides with Speaker Notes

Your company's Vice President of Human Resources has approached your team for assistance in recruiting and developing your organization's future leaders. 60% of your company consists of millennials and your team has been charged with how to successfully increase the number of millennials as leaders in your organization. At
this time, senior management is reluctant and disinterested in promoting the millennials to leadership roles. Your team created your plan in Week 2 -Part I of this assignment. Now, you are expected to develop a presentation for your senior leadership that will motivate
them to encourage millennials as leaders in your organization.
Re-examine your plan from Part 1 as a team.
Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes that contains the following components:
      • Determine how to cultivate millennials as leaders.
      • Include the pathway necessary to accomplish this goal by identifying the

          objective(s), methods of achieving the objective(s), and ways to measure success.
      • Evaluate how transformational leadership may assist in this process.
      • Include at least one video presentation within a slide.
      • Showcase some of the best practices needed by companies in order to prepare

          future leaders.
      • Remember, many of the ideas your team will put forth were probably sourced from

          external resources. Please be sure to include appropriate APA fromatted citations

          and references to identify the sources of intellectual property.
Cite a minimum of three peer reviewed sources not including your text.
Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.



Leadership Style Interview for a Company’s Newsletter

Option #1: 1080 words!

Option #2:   975 words!

Select someone in a leadership position at your organization or at a local company where you might seek employment. This individual could be a director, manager, supervisor, or CEO of the organization.
View the video in the Phoenix Career Guidance System (Milestone 7.8-Do informational interviews) for tips on interviewing a potential employer through an investigative interview.
Interview an individual who has a leadership role.
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word profile of the individual that you interviewed for your company's newsletter, and include the following:
      • Identify the individual and their position within the company, and briefly describe

           the organization.
      • Interpret the individual's leadership style based on the Five-Factor personality

          model, and offer one or more examples of the management and leadership roles of          this individual.
      • Explain one incident where this individual had to solve a difficult problem or situation

          because things did not go as planned.
      • Describe the lessons that she/he learned from being able to problem solve, even

         when what she/he had been taught did not work.
Format your profile in the form of a newsletter (the final format may vary depending upon the company's style; please feel free to use the provided template as a starting point and check the Internet or Microsoft Word for additional newsletter templates). But, the final product should be in the form of a newsletter that embodies the items
mentioned above and includes appropriate citations and references.
The grading guide for this assignment should also be consulted to see exactly what will be used as the basis for grading in addition to the assignment itself.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


LDR/300 WEEK 4 Discussion Question

Charisma and Leadership

Charisma is considered a positive trait for a leader, and charismatic leaders are sought after. Are charismatic leaders always effective and desirable? Is it a necessary element of leadership? Why/why not?



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