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Immigration Essay Outline

How to write essays on immigration

Writing any essay requires the same amount of effort. So it is no different for an essay on immigration. Like any other thesis statement, a statement for your essay on immigration must be crisp, informative, and unambiguous. Your essaymust define the topic, explain the objective behind writing the thesis and give a small gist of what the paper is about.

An example of an immigration essaywould be:

‘A number of countries have refused visas to people from the third world because they dread these foreigners may not leave on expiry of the visa and create problems as illegal immigrants.’

This is an example of a good essay sentence since it tells you that the thesis is about denying visas to possible immigrants. It also tells you why the visa is being denied and the problem area your essay will focus on.

Points That Contribute to the Makings of Good Immigration Essays

  • Type of Immigration Problem:

When you start to write a thesis about immigration, you will be hounded by a list of concerns you could cover in your paper. You could write about Immigration problems in America, or those of getting immigrants out of the country. You could even compare the immigration trend on a graph. It is necessary to pick from any one issue for the essays on immigration to sound focussed.

Choose a side – government or immigrants. You need to be sure in whose interest you are advocating your views before starting work on the essay outline of which your immigration thesis statement will be a part of. Unless the thesis paper is of an explanatory type, you cannot sound diplomatic. The thesis statement will simply sound weak without any instigating factor.

For example: ‘Due to the rising problem of illegal immigrants that contributes to a decrease in the number of job opportunities and tax evasion that leads to loss, countries must not grant visas to applicants who cannot furnish substantial proof of their return.’

This one example of a thesis statement for an argumentative essay. See how the government is sided here. The strong reasons supporting the government and your agenda for writing the thesis are very apparent in the above essay on immigration

  • Your essay must have the potential to explain the paper to you in a simple line. Focus on one particular problem of immigration and elaborate on it in your essay paper.

Work backwards. Do an extensive research on your essay subject of immigration. Question each immigration issue and make a note of these questions. Find answers to these questions. When answering these questions, try to make it sound like your paper rather than just addressing an immigration problem.

Q. Why do people risk living as illegal immigrants?

A. Majorly to escape economic hardships.

Now when you work around this, you have:
Economic hardships force people to seek better job opportunities in developed countries where they can take up jobs that are not in much demand and make a decent living.

Try it!

I.            Attention Grabber – I plan to show images of people sneaking into the US and describing how many illegal immigrants live in the US

II.            Orienting Material – Speak about how many illegal aliens come to the US every year and why their presence is controversial.

III.            Thesis – The argument revolving around illegal immigration takes two major views: one where people believe that illegal immigrants help our economy through their cheap labor and willingness to perform undesirable tasks, and the other where illegal immigration is hurting the American economy and putting people in danger.

IV.            Preview

  1. Illegal immigrants are dangerous and have a higher rate of crime than the average American population. They also take a lot of money away from the government that should be going to tax payers.
  2. Illegal Aliens mostly work jobs that most people do not want to do. Their cheap labor keeps the prices of goods down and overall they are beneficial in America.
  3. Stakeholders: Tax payers, unions, lower-end job workers/managers, government

V.            Body: two major views on immigration – each have different reasons

  1. Some think illegal immigration is detrimental to America and should not continue.

1.Someone is considered “illegal” if they are in America unlawfully or on false pretenses

2. Illegal aliens comprised about 3.1% of the adult population in 2003. Illegal aliens represented about 4.54% of America’s prison population.

  1. The word “aliens” appeals to ethos trying to make Americans feel superior and more deserving to live here.
  2.  Legal immigrants often represent a lower percentage of crime than their population suggests.
  3. They are screened on multiple occasions before becoming legal citizens about past criminal records and their likelihood to commit criminal activity à unlikely criminals can become citizens.
  4. Illegal aliens often are incarcerated for relations to drugs and smuggling (or repaying those who smuggled them into the US)
  5. People argue about their crime rates (logos) to instill fear in people so they will be against illegal immigration

i.            They appeal to pathos and making people scared of aliens

3. Illegal immigrants generate large costs for taxpayers.

  1. The children of aliens get all the government benefits of  a citizen
  2. Poor aliens can be aided by Social Security, Medicare, workers’ compensation, food stamps, public education, public services (police, firemen, highways, etc.), and more.
  3. Well educated households (college education) put in $30,000 (on average) more to the government in taxes than they receive in aid in order to help lower income houses
  4. Households without a high school degree gain about $35,000 per year from the government compared to taxes they pay

i.            The average unlawful immigrant has only a 10th grade education. Half of alien households are headed by someone with less than a high school education, and 25% of households have someone with a high school degree

ii.            Their children get full benefits from the government once they are born here, and illegal aliens often receive much more government aid than they pay in taxes

iii.            This argument appeals to ethos by showing Americans have a better education and do not need aliens holding them back

  1. Many arguing this idea want the illegals to become citizens, but to not give them government welfare if they were working “off the books” to avoid taxes but still receive government aid. These illegals would be eligible for benefits after 13 years of being lawful and paying taxes to the government.
  1. Illegal immigration is beneficial to the American economy

1. Illegal immigrants help our economy through their willingness to perform undesirable tasks

  1. People always need to hire help for a task – such as restaurants or labor in the southwest. Others are always willing to do any sort of work for a price. Illegal immigrants are willing to work nearly any job because the pay is better than their pay at home

i.            They address logos and pathos about the jobs saying why not let others do jobs we don’t want to do, but still need

  1. They do not take away jobs from union workers. Illegal immigrants end up working jobs that not many Americans want to work

i.            Unions protect themselves to help their employees and also to show that they are reliable. Talented, trained, and trusted workers are the ones who are constructing buildings and fixing the electricity in a house. Unions are an ethos establishment with order and power that have protection

ii.            Illegal immigrants often work in the labor intensive fields such as landscaping or in restaurants.

2. They do not cause any serious harm to health or schooling systems.

  1. Although they bypass taxes for schools and health systems that everyone has to pay, illegal immigrants contribute more to the economy that makes prices cheaper for everyone else. Their cheap labor allows the public to save money in food and service costs

3. People with these views want to assimilate immigrants into the American community and continue to allow them to live their lives.

VI.            Conclusion

  1. Illegal immigrants have a marginally higher crime rate than the general population, but they also work jobs that many people do not want for cheap pay. Often, they take more from the government in welfare and public spending than they give through taxes, but they also keep the prices of food and service costs down in a way that saves the majority of Americans money.
  2. Illegal immigrants should be assimilated into the American economy, but they should not have full access to the welfare programs until they have contributed their share. Illegal aliens are everywhere, and if they were removed from our society many people would lose someone close to them.

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