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Beggary Essay

The Problem of Beggary in India


“He who begs timidly courts refusal.”                                                         

                  — Seneca

                In India, the tradition of charity is as old as civilization itself.  The true Indian culture calls upon every man or woman to part with some of his or her earnings to help the poor and needy.

                The problem of beggary should not, therefore, be seen in isolation as it has its roots in the basic infrastructure of our society.  Beggary is not new to India.  It is an age old practice.  Many a time in our history books we can read about some king or noble man who periodically distributed gifts amongst  the poor.  Our holy men and ‘sanyasis’ who lived  away from cities used to come to the cities to collect some alms or meals.  But today beggary has become a profession.  One can find beggars at all busy crossings, at the railway stations or the bus stands, at busy corners, near temples and gurudwaras and  at all other places where people are likely to visit.  They give out pathetic cries and present pathetic looks.  They have different ways of coaxing the innocent people into parting with a coin or two, an article of dress or a part of their food.  Many of these beggars are perfect hypocrite and swindlers.  Even though they are hefty and sturdy, they are not prepared to earn their living by putting in honest labour.

                Many a time the government has taken steps to ban this evil practice.  Legislations have been enacted.  Beggary has been banned, but it has made no difference.  No law can be effective unless it has a social support.

                Beggary is a blot on the face of any society and thus it should be tackled and wiped out like any other contagious disease.  It is only with the active co-operation of the people that the problem of beggary can be solved.  It is true that poverty is one of the main causes of beggary.  The government should come out with rehabilitation schemes for the beggars.  Able bodied men and women should be encouraged to work.  It is only possible if the rich decide not to help the poor in becoming beggars.  The old and the infirm should be sent to state run charity houses.  Religious institutions and social and charitable trusts should be set up to cater to the needs of such holy men or sanyasis as choose to renounce this world and dedicate themselves to the Almighty or to the service of mankind.    

                Lack of the proper awareness is one of the causes that makes people accept this evil of begging without protest.  Awareness can only come through education.  Only if people are educated, they will come forward and cooperate with the government in fighting out this evil.  Laxity on the part of the authorities is also encouraging beggars.  On account of vested interests the government also hesitates to burn its fingers by using force.

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Beggar problem in India

Watching people just look out for themselves, I think, is absorbing. It goes right back to something like ‘The Beggar’s Opera’ – the underbelly of society, how it operates, and how that reflects their so-called betters.

The beggar is that person; those have not the proper necessities such as Food, Cloth, and shelter. They beg the money from other people for their necessities of life. It creates the wrong image of our nation because there is beggar level is high.

In India, it is a huge problem. Some people is the beggar in India, just because they have not education and employment. They do nothing but eat away the very vitality of our nation life. Many people are robust health beggars.

Since the independence, the beggar was also in the India. It is happening from the ancient times. There is no limit of the beggar in India. They have been held in great esteem by the loftiest and lowliest in India in the past. Poverty is the main problem of begging.

India has divided into two parts in the subject of human being i.e. poor and rich person. A Rich person is going many wealthy, and poor people are going much poor. A sick person becomes the beggars, who have not assisted by any people.

As compare to the India, the other country doesn’t have the unnecessary drain and pressure on their national output. But some of the people of our country are thinking that India’s religious and philosophic view of life is the chief reason for this beggar problem.

It is not truth. But we cannot also deny this statement. There is no any doubt that beggars are mendicants. Some of the Indian believe in that to prosper in this world. These beggars should give alms. Religion has their acuteness of this problem, but economic causes also, are responsible for the same.

Problem of beggar in India

In India, there are many challenges of beggar because our society is becoming day by day manifold evils. Millions of people in India to do nothing except begging and passing away their time in all sorts of nefarious and socially injurious practices.

The beggars are pretended to be a dumb and deaf, although their faculties and way of speaking and hearing may be enough sound. Some of them pretended to undergo severe penances in public so that the people may take them to be holy souls and help them with alms.

The beggar of India are totally illiterate; they do not have any knowledge of anything. For their live, they beg the money from others. From childhood, they have not money for education. It is the main reason of beggar problem.

In the developing and big cities, the beggars are sitting mostly in the religious place and for this; they were trained to beg the money from people. They mainly found in big towns, especially in the spiritual place.

Due to the present time, many of the professional beggars included in our country. Here not only some needed and a disabled beggar but also here the healthy persons of questionable characters such as thieves, murderers, cheats and all type of criminals find it easiest to pass undetected in the guise of beggars.

That kind of beggars may lead a life of ease and indolence at expenses of others.

The beggar of India, they rarely getting the employment as a labor work in under constructive place. They are not getting the more money from their work. In fact, they removed from their job, if the mistake did anything wrong.

Most of the beggar is the child in India. Wherever we go, we see that the kids are begging the money on the traffic roads, temple places, footpath. Some beggar children do that by their wish, but some kids are kidnaped and harassed by any gang, who cuts their body parts for begging the money.

It is the biggest problem in India. It is also happening in India still now.

In some of the family have many problem and many issues. In that family have the one evil thinker just like the wife of the son and his parents no any combination. So she becomes the family broken member and removes the parents from home. After that condition, the parents have not any option to another thing, so there is some reason behind it for begging.

But in some of the families make asking their hereditary profession, and they devise novel methods of appealing to the sympathies and nobler feelings of the people.

How to overcome the beggar

Our India is now a free country and her future promises a lot, and these problems of beggar have not been solving, but some of the solutions should have found out for removing the tramp from India. If in India, there will not be any comparison, then everyone can get the education, even their future will be better for our nation.

  • Facilitate education to everyone

The beggar problem can be reducing in India. The Indian government has declared that rules for educating the people and reduce the beggar level from India. They have the many institutions for freely teach to the beggar children. If everyone will help to that person, who are unassisted than no one will be the beggar in India.

  • Serving of food to the needy people

Everyone have to help the people, at least don’t waste that food, which is remained from the marriages or parties, serve the food to that person, who are sleeping without eating food. Because of this, they not only give the service to the beggar but also give the happiness to that beggar. By that work, God will also bless to them.

The factories and industry should keep to the beggar for work. It can provide the work to unassisted people; those are beggars. After getting the work, they will not beg the money from others. So it is the great concept to overcome the problems.


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